Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer 2007 Reading List Mach I

1. Dolores--Jacqueline Susaan, 1976. So far I will describe this book as a bizarre, very-thinly-veiled retake on the story of another, not-as-fabulous "Jacqueline"...Kennedy-Onassis. Not trashy enough...yet. My copy (the Bantam pb pictured above has a great illustration of the author on the back cover, though).

2. Smoked: A True Story About the Kids Next Door--Lèon Bing, 1993. So promising, so bland. Could have been better, I am more than positive, if Ms. Bing didn't approach the subject like a hip grandmother. Still, I can't put it down.

3. Collected Writings--Frank Norris, 1928. Norris is firmly in my top three favorite authors of all fucking time list. His not-as-famous brother, Charles, collected stories for this after Frank's death and somehow my local library still has a first edition in fairly good shape. The problem is, much like many other authors I enjoy from this era, they were greatly influenced by Medieval literature. My mother got a master's in Medieval Lit and this perplexes me more than her unbiding love for Tab. Half of this book will suck, the other half has promise.

4. Indiana Gothic: A Story of Adultery and Murder in an American Family--Pope Brock, 1999. Now we're talking!!! That title basically is as promising as a bottle of Vicodin and a week's paid vacation. Let's hope "Pope" can pull it together.

Feel free to give me more suggestions!

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