Friday, June 15, 2007

Book Blurb!

Indiana Gothic. Yeah, me too. Indiana is just not "Gothic" even when it has such juicy scandal as went down in this book. Key words: Farmland, old timey courtship, box socials, frigid wives, farming, land for miles and miles, weird country people, lusty men, prostitutes we barely hear a thing about damnit, slutty bored housewives, conniving sisters, sly sex on the side, adultery, sly sex on hay, made up visions of bad sex on hay, hallucinations and illicit babies. Oh yeah, murder, dust and small town politcos too. You think with all this (and trust me, there are about 20 more delicious keywords I didn't even mention!) you'd have a facinating summer read. Well, no. If this had been written by a woman it would have been more worth my time. What is it about men and their LAME sex tales. C'mon guys, you're the ones who supposedly love sex so much!

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