Tuesday, June 5, 2007

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Patsy Colleen Desmond et Kristin Irène Young, Evergreen Street off Damen Ave, Chicago, August 1994. Thanks to Geoffrey Ellis.

Love and miss you, Pats.


  1. sometimes i'm just baffled that we never met, patsy was one of my best friends when i lived in chicago. i was just cleaning off my desk last night and there were several photo's of her with gigantic fake boobs for a russ meyer q&a, one pic of her with russ. guess i was already in pdx when you were in chi.

  2. Bruce--

    How did you find this? Are you the Bruce in Memphis???? From the notorious Goner B?

    When were you in Chi?


  3. hey k, I mean i, thanks for the link.
    you've got this blogging thing down better than I do... I'm gonna link to your summer reading list. - a

  4. Ha--yours is WAY better than mine. Inspiring in fact.

  5. yeah, i was in chi from about 88/91, when i moved to pdx.
    found this through andria's

  6. I did not move there until January 1994 and promptly split the scene in September the same year. I hated it there: Too cold, too snotty, too dirty. Pats was the saving grace. She ruled. There were good CHI times, but don't belong there.

  7. if i can figure it out i'll send you a copy of the photo iwas talking about, not sure if i can post it here or not, huge paper mache boobs. on my way to hemant and mary's wedding right now so maybe i'll try that tmrw

  8. I think I have seen it. And the boobs themselves. She kept a big cache of stuff from all her hijinx. You ever know Dana? Well she made a documentary about Pats called "Learning to Swallow". It is on DVD.