Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just to have something in here for May?

Yeah yeah yeah...been awhile but we have been going through all sorts of changes and things likely won't truly somewhat settled down again til July. Ryan and I were going to buy a house but discovered that cheap housing prices in Florida are offset by extraordinarily ridicuous insurance and property taxes. And, oh yeah, in the parlance of Sambeaux, our credit has AIDS. Well, not AIDS, but certainly Hep A. It is repairable, but not without some bouts of jaundice.

We instead are breaking the lease here in The Shoebox and got a very 1920's F. Scott Fitzgerald Gin & Hack Scripts Den over in Old Northeast. Pink stucco, tropical plants, deco fixtures, duplex, water view (uh, 3 blocks away, but YOU CAN SEE WATER, dammit!) and a brick-laid street. Cannot wait for this.

I also have a new job with mo' money and it is a four day workweek cos you work some long hours M-Th. Fine with me! Ryan is also The-AHEM-Manager at Bella Brava. I always think of Earles and "Can I speak to THE MANAGER???" when referring to this new title for Ryan. I think Ryan does too. Fucking Earles.

So, yes, things is good and getting better. I am tan, a size 6 again and have been having migraines. I got a bad haircut but found a guy who knows what he is doing who repaired it. Megan and Joel saved our asses with 4 lbs of Stumptown.

Nothing else. I will get to this at some point later on.

For political disaster, I mean, fun--check Ophelia Ford out!!!!