Saturday, September 10, 2011

Le Saispas Vintage...Now LOCAL!

Get some of the best of the best of Le Saispas Vintage at Hoot + Louise--on G.E. Patterson just east of the world famous Arcade Restaurant.  I'm bringing in men's and women's clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes and home decor from the '50's-early '90's.

Anna Avant is the proprietress & has curated a fab boutique of new and vintage clothing for men and women, home decor, jewelry and accessories.  There's truly nothing like it in Memphis--easily the most current (definition "non-embarrassingly garish or dated and/or fashionable right now--9/10/2011--outside of Memphis, TN") independent boutique in our city since the long-gone days of Chelsea Ltd, the old U.S. Male and Tallulah's.

Hoot + Louise will have a booth at Cooper-Young Fest next Saturday and Le Saispas Vintage will be righteously repped!  I'm currently collecting some baubles & gems for your perusal!