Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wildin' in Memphis

I probably shouldn't write about this right now because I'm still fluctuating between the emotions of "Disgusted", "Furious" and more recently, "Pity."  It started by my normal first check of the day of Twitter.  Last night a poster I follow (for some reason--it isn't the first time I have wondered exactly what the hell I could possibly care to hear from her as she appears perpetually shallow and annoying), began petulantly posting complaints about a wild Halloween party near her home in Chickasaw Gardens.  I only discovered in a later post (see below) that this was the neighborhood she was referring to and I think that was the cause for my current feeling of "Disgusted Pity."

Chickasaw Gardens is a notoriously old Memphis money, upper middle class enclave bordered by the University of Memphis area, Orange Mound, the southern border of Binghampton and the debatable eastern border of Midtown.  There are beautiful Tudor-style homes, huge trees, winding streets and it was nicely nearly completely protected by a massive brick wall probably sometime in the 1980's, probably due to the encroachment of Blacks that weren't their maids, cooks or housemen of some kind.  Sure, it's a very nice and historic neighborhood, but it's gating of itself inside the city limits has always rubbed me quite the wrong way.

Anyway, apparently this Halloween party got way out of hand which really ticked this certain Memphis woman off to the point where she posted some things on Twitter that I would hope are troubling people who may know her in person, but perhaps not.  All I know is that she seems like exactly the sort of person I'd never want to meet for fear of kicking her off her Manolo's she probably got on sale somewhere.  Hideous, hideous shit.  Worse than that "Ghetto Trash" she felt so free to post all about on Twitter last night.  Apparently things have changed very little in Chickasaw Gardens.  Maybe they can build a moat stocked with sharks or something to protect them from the "Ghetto"?

Here's the dirt:

1st:  An explosion at the Pink Palace right now would be preferable. The city could use fewer ghetto thugs. It's days like this I hate Memphis.

2nd:  Some party with 1000s of people racing cars, blocking streets, and booming music for hours. Police can't seem to control it.

3rd:  Thx MPD for their minimal work of arresting the guys with the train horn in their car. O there it is again! Guess someone else brought 1.

4th:    From tweets by the ghetto trash on here, I see MPD has shut the Palace down. I also hear helicopters. Who's dumbass idea was this party?!

And last, but not in any way the least:  This is Chickasaw, this isn't Orange Mound and the Palace isn't the Plush Club. I dont want to see herds of ppl & blue lights all over.

Sweets, this world could use fewer racist ignoramuses like you.  It's days like this I hate the world.