Sunday, July 6, 2008

It is about time.

Since Dior busted out the classic circa 1931 cloche all over the haute couture runways last week, I am hopeful for some knockoffs to start hitting the market just in time for fall. This one is stunning and if it weren't a priceless item, I'd snatch it up.

I was surprised at how wearable the French couture collections were this go-round. The Chanel and Dior ones in particular. I am just going from the 13 photos I just viewed at the NY Times Style site, but there were just some lovely items that were not indicative of something that Galliano used to try to pull off on a regular basis.

Brunch time at Umai! Will report back--this restaurant, located in the old Harry's On Teur location next to Kwik Shop, looks amazing and all have reported that lunch and dinner are wonderful, the sushi killer etc. I have seen the menus for lunch and dinner and it seems like a very French-Asian combo with lots of seafood, but also duck.