Friday, December 29, 2006

Sellin' Thangs.

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Yep. Selling the Obi Wan hoodie from Diesel I never wore! Selling things on eBay just got me into an etiquette quandry. A woman I "met" years back selling Alley Cat by Betsey Johnson clothing on eBay gave me as an unexpected gift years ago a stretchy vintage Betsey skirt with a classic tattoo "flash" print, i.e. NOT my style. Well, I kept it while I was skinny enough to wear it cos it was a good bikini coverup, but now I am a fat ass and we are moving and I am basically selling everything I do not need at all. I listed it today on eBay and promptly receive the following:

If this is the skirt I gave you, then why don't you just come to Arizona on your way to Florida and slap my face? Thanks, Kristin. You are some piece of work.

Ummmmm? What do you think? Should we all just rent out storage spaces for gifts we no longer need or want so we don't hurt people's fragile feelings or what? I would not give a fuck if some girl I never met was selling a skirt of questionable taste that I gave her 4 years ago. God, people suck so damn bad. Or is it me? Should I have sent it back to her and said, "Gee, we are moving and HERE is that skirt back you gave me a long time ago." WHAT IS RIGHT, Emily Post?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Best Grandfather Ever, July 2006.

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January 27th, 2007 "On Tap"


I'll be 39 in one more month and we'll be officially driving Guillermo the Lovely Black Toyota Tacoma the FUCK out of this place. Naturally, I have been conflicted the last month here--constantly seeing all the good things about Portland, like good Stumptown espresso made into dessert-like soy lattes, green green green even when it is grey grey grey, the little boutiques opening with the truly inspired fashion and jewelry crafted by some people I wish I had gotten to know, my few friends, esp. Tanya Lee Roth, food glorious food and the Always Something to Do. It really isn't THAT bad, but then again, it really, really is. Nothing is worse than never feeling comfortable somewhere, like feeling as if you are a tourist in your own town. "Lak a Stranger/In Your Own Hometown..." Not that I'd ever deign "hometown" status on this place.

How do you post photos up on here???? I would imagine ya just put the HTML tag like on eBay.

Gerald Ford died and everyone is acting like anyone ever gave a fuck about that dude one way or the other. Yeah, I was in first grade when he was on the scene, but I already knew to be nonplussed! Oh wait, Squeaky Fromme tried to kill him. I do remember that.

What did you do for Xmas? We ate prime rib, yorkshire pudding, gratin dauphinois, green beans, tons of wine and other fun things. Rives and Tanya. What will we do when we don't have y'all around? We will be brand new in our next town very soon. Knowing no one. I want to be very excited, but right now, I am terrified. I want to stop off in Memphis and never leave in some least I have a lot of people I love there.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is it so wrong????

A small Mexican child moved in across the hall with her parents. There is no furniture in the place and her dad has been one of the main workers on the going on 6 months construction project our property owners started. I surmise dad, mom and the lil one are getting free rent to be around to finish up all the work because these are spendy places and they have not moved in; they are just "crashing".

Anyway. The toddler just screams and screams and runs and screams. There is only a foyer between our two front doors which are really just glass with some wood around them. Her screaming is now the aural ambiance of my home. It is fucking annoying.

She is cute. She says "Hola!" with such joy. I love smiling with her and her seeing our cats and just freaking out in that cute toddler way...but I didn't sign up for this.

But when it gets down to it, her constant toddlerism is adorable next to our above-neighbor who is a (bad) opera singer.

How many more months in Portland???

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My first post...I have a lot to learn. More when I have time to play and say.