Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is it so wrong????

A small Mexican child moved in across the hall with her parents. There is no furniture in the place and her dad has been one of the main workers on the going on 6 months construction project our property owners started. I surmise dad, mom and the lil one are getting free rent to be around to finish up all the work because these are spendy places and they have not moved in; they are just "crashing".

Anyway. The toddler just screams and screams and runs and screams. There is only a foyer between our two front doors which are really just glass with some wood around them. Her screaming is now the aural ambiance of my home. It is fucking annoying.

She is cute. She says "Hola!" with such joy. I love smiling with her and her seeing our cats and just freaking out in that cute toddler way...but I didn't sign up for this.

But when it gets down to it, her constant toddlerism is adorable next to our above-neighbor who is a (bad) opera singer.

How many more months in Portland???

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