Monday, April 9, 2007

'Tis RAINING!!!!

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It is actually raining for an extended period of time outside today! Yay! I sometimes believe I have turned into a pod person or I am truly living in an alternate reality because, well, less than 3 months ago, you'd never hear excitement and cheer from me over rain. In fact, you may very well have caught me still in my robe at 4AM, mitts in a bag of Cheetos, staring at Bobby Goran solve another impossible NYC mystery, eyeing the last of the Vicodin with some dire thoughts on my brain at the mention of rain. Yeah, more Portland bashing. Let's have it!

I do miss Portland from time to time. The coffee mainly. Oh what I would do for a Stumptown soy latte right now. Also, the clothes and the jewelry. Genevieve from Denwave is enough of a dearheart to still offer to make me some very Florida fashions (dress coming soon!) and she even is trying to help facilitate the purchase of some of Hazel Cox's wonderful necklaces. So, yes, Portland is not all rain and hippies and hipsters and singular thinking. I still hate the garage rockers though; well, only the ones who can't take a little ribbing on Precious Portland. I guess I am getting protective of Florida though, so I understand their ugly indignant ranting on the blogs as I'd basically tie myself to a dying palm to defend Florida at this stage in the game.

I suppose the difference is that Portland gets lots and lots of love and awards for being so-very-amazing, while Florida gets no recognition for the stuff that is actually cool here and the people that are actually cool get that awful inferiority complex so common to the Southern states/cities. Be loud and proud, Florida! We made it rain!


  1. I'm actually glad about the rain too, as it frequently seems that we don't get enough of it....

    hope it clears up by Friday night though :)

  2. What's on the agenda for friday night? Ridiculous drunken falls into potted palms?

    I amy go see "Inland Empire" down at is free.