Monday, March 5, 2007

Craig Brewer: The Untouchable

Much like Robert DeNiro's Al Capone, Memphis has its own nonstick pan of film (WHAT?): Craig Brewer. I have attempted throughout lo these many years, to get anything beyond a vague expression of criticism of this man's "work" from any Memphian I know. I don't dig the man. Sure, I found Hustle & Flow (which now shall forever be known by me as M.E.M.P.H.I.S. Pimp) to be a surprising, sorta sweet (aka: saccharine) diversion rather than the utter piece of exploitative trash it could have been. However, the guy reeks of hack. I am sure I might like him as a person, but I fear he would be one of those people that I'd find myself panicking within moments to find the nearest shot glass to get through a conversation with. But then again, I saw this look in a couple of drunk women's faces the other night in Downtown St.

So, yeah, anyways...I make my feelings known about Mr. Brewer. I have asked every which way but Sunday how friends and acquaintances feel, either in person, via telephone or internet, HOW DO YOU FEEL? What did you THINK?


I hate to say it and I guess this is whatcha gotta do in Memphis, people there are politicking. Craig Brewer could mean a future income to allow you to get through a few months in an area where you just don't make that "crazy money" that Hollywood pays out. Craig Brewer could mean an interview that might allow you to publish in a real magazine, not a blog like Saispas. Craig Brewer could mean a night with access to some Hollywood drugs, drink and women. Or at least a night on a red carpet in a humid dirty Downtown Memphis.

Who am I to judge? All I really for you to tell me how you really feel about someone with that much of a cliched version of a place that, if you are with me, you love? All replies will be accepted by commented here on This Blog.

Goodnight and Good Luck.


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