Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yes! Denwave has a blog!

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You know when you are beginning to crave something that used to be so easy to get you took it for granted? No I am not discussing the cheap cocaine in Portland cos there is plenty of that lounging about Florida of course...I am talking about one of my favorite stores/places/enclaves/dreams ever getting all blogger-y and even discussing having a website of their own to SELL THINGS!!! Yes. Yes. Yes.

One of these days, I am gonna start something of my own here in St. Petersburg but until I am all set and ready, I am bereft of great design now that I live here. Sad but true. Not that I could even afford to drop as much $$$ as I did in Portland over the last years as the money given a therapist here ain't sheeeeeeet.

Anyway, if anyone is even reading this, go check this out:

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