Monday, February 5, 2007

We're here!!!

We now live in Florida. I don't even know where to start about how it is so far exceeding my expectations (except in the world of salary offers--way on the low end, folks). I have to rewind before I get into St. Petersburg's supreme gorgeousness, so tomorrow or the next, I'll do my obligatory cross-country post wrapping up the highlights of a very fast yet somehow long and exhausting trip.

Flashes of St. Pete include faux Tony Alva's...kinda the real deal (as in 14 year old skateboarding kids of cokeheads), but also have seen Dogtown and are apeing him (to great effect)...WILD PARROTS in palm trees in the park four blocks from our home...Cubans living across from Mexicans who bump mariachi on Friday afternoons...a neighborhood that is like a cleaned up version of the Ninth Ward (this would be our neighborhood)...young hipster kids lounging dangerously close to gators...being refreshed when you see a hipster (fucking novel feeling)...bad coffee but not giving a shit...a level of relaxation that I really had no idea existed...big blue vistas...flip flops in february.

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