Friday, September 18, 2009


Yep.  Roo's about to get her ass beat, but she never learns from history.

It has been raining so long now that I cannot even recall the last time the sun was out.  The front yard looks like a weed farm and the backyard is perfect for mud-wrestling, so if you're into that, come on by.  If people still asked us "WHY would you leave PORTLAND to come to MEMPHIS?" in those drippingly condescending tones, all I have to would have to do is raise my eyebrows and point outside.  This is what you deal with for approximately eight months a year, every year with very few breaks.  That isn't an exaggeration either!  The positive of that, I suppose, is that some very delicious coffee was created in that city and is served somewhere very close to wherever you choose to live there, so bravo to Stumptown for that.

Tomorrow is the Cooper-Young Festival and while it will likely be just as disgusting outside tomorrow as it is today, I think Ryan and I should certainly take a break from East Memphis for a Midtown jaunt and check it out and remind our Midtown-loving friends that yes, we are still alive.  You can't convince most of them to come out here for many reasons that don't include the word "Target" in them, those snobby bastards!  So, again, we'll come on into their realm. I do miss it there, from time to time, but I am always so happy to get back to our little oasis in the Isle of Sea.

I want some wings from Uncle Lou's or Hephzibah so badly right now...anyone care to deliver?  I'll hook you up with an Ativan and a beer!

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