Saturday, September 12, 2009

I smile in your face, but watch your wallet, son.

I hope I am doing any of this correctly because obviously I forgot how to keep up my little blog I had going. Well, we'll see!

So it is nearing Fall 2009, into the "-ber" months which I was in another "-ber" month when I last posted on here. I just spent the last hour messing around with the settings and being extraordinarily irritated at the lack of choices for fonts and the like on Blogger or perhaps I am irritated at myself for feeling more and more like I need to call a youngun over here, like my brother, to show me how to work this little internet thing. I have a photo from 1986 where Jesse is not even a decade old and he is on our family's first Mac, showing my beau at the time (who was WAY too old for me to be dating, but that is another story) how to work the thing while said beau stares in awe.

So, last I wrote we had acquired Roo, the dog and we still have her adorable and loony self and many more photos shall soon be posted. She can catch frisbees, mostly Ryan's throws as I SUCK, but being a dog, Roo gives it the old college try every time I toss one haphazardly across the yard.

We spent the summer lopping, chopping digging and weeding and getting this backyard into the beginnings of something not utterly disgusting and overgrown, but we still have to cope with digging up the remains of weeds and shrubs that were literally left alone for far too long by the previous owner and they turned into trees with trunks. I can't blame her really; she did have Alzheimer's after all and when I start getting demented, I certainly won't be worrying about keeping up with the yard, regardless of what the neighbors have to not-say/say behind our backs about it!

OK, so let's get this thing going again. Perhaps I'll learn a bit more and be able to make this little site somewhat more attractive and hey, maybe my posts will one day be so interesting and thought- or anger-provoking that someone even comments!

Glad to back, peoples.

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