Saturday, January 6, 2007


This is what people are talking about. A LOT.

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I remember once I read a Byron Coley (i think it was him) piece in Spin in the early 90's where he said in all seriousness that he had not heard Janet Jackson (this was when her s/t record was out, I believe). I was in line at Walgreens and I snorted so loud that the Talking Christmas Tree fell off the counter. I thought "God, he is so full of shit. What a FUCKING LIAR." Well, here it is 13 or so years later and I can honestly say I would not know The Hold Steady from Boris. Well, I'd probably guess Boris as I think they are a "heavy" band while these jokers look like substitute teachers. In Brooklyn. Or Portland.

So, call me what you will, but I don't know shit about what is going on with with music today, unless it is rap, and then I might know. It once was what defined me and it was an uncomfortable definition. I felt like the Rain Man of obscure independent music circa 1977-1998, with subspecializations in Southern Classic Rock, Afternoon Rock, 50's radio hits, Disco and last but fo' sho not least, early-mid 1980's rap/electro/hiphop. It still fills my brain. So much so that I just like to let a few musical things trickle in so I can have room for the other stuff that was always so interesting, but I left it by the wayside to buy a record or see a show.

There is my explanation. P.S. I am dying to hear Boris.

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