Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Farr a Laugh 1&2...cue it!

We received out preorder CD of Earles and Jensen's JUST FARR A LAUGH: THE GREATEST PRANK CALLS (AND LINER NOTES) EVER! yesterday afternoon, 5 days in advance of the stores with a very posed and elegant promo poster that is completely wrong for the decor of any room of my home (at least any room in any home I have resided in since 1993). Yes, it is worth your money. While I have heard every call on disc one ad nauseum, disc two is delivering on the promises made on the knees of Andrew Earles. The liner notes are coy, self-conscious/-referential, funny, lazy and cute. Just like these men.

No self-respecting person who thinks they have and/or respect a rapier wit should be without this go to and pony up or better yet, beg your local record store to stock it!

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  1. hey! of course i'll help. call me when you get in town.