Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Madness!

Tigers? Precodes? Hmmm. Seems that is my only interest of late with this blogging thing; true, it seems that I am not really as interested in it as I was for awhile, but I don't think I will let it go forever; my mind is just preoccupied unless I am thinking about the possibility of the Tigers "winning it all" (the NCAA tournament for those who might be reading this who hate sports) or if Turner Classic Movies is deciding to bust out a bunch of glorious Pre-Code flicks to enjoy.

The best part of last months day of Pre-Code luxury is that Norma Shearer lived up to the hype in The Divorcee. That was my first time watching her after reading her biography and the great book on Pre-Code actresses, Complicated Women. She is a stunner on-screen and her voice was fantastic. I wish she had completed more and similar films during her career.

OK, well, back to my basketball obsession. It all ends in a couple of weeks...until next October, that is! At that time, we will have lived in Memphis for four months and while we won't have to be complaining about all the old people and ultra-aggressive, absolutely-no-manners-having assholes, I will be searching for the appropriate sort of bat to keep by the door and a place that sells pepper spray!

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