Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas TIGER.

Now you know I love Tigers more than the next person, especially when they are made of painted glass and hurtling onto an invisible foe while jumping over a blue and white "M". That is right, I love me some Memphis Tigers and we showed all haters and doubters that we just might pounce all over that redneck Hansbrough puss and gross mottled Matta-Real (Suddenly he can add "Real" to his name? NO.) and that freak of Caucasian nature, Love, come March.
Sic em Tigers! And somebody get me this lovely ornament for Tree 2008.

In turn, let me say a prayer and a big RIP for another crazed Tiger, Tatiana of the San Francisco Zoo and her doomed victim, Carlos, age 17. Keep all Tigers in their respective cages and Forums.

If I blog again before the New Year, I will eat my hat.

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