Saturday, August 4, 2007

Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake

Image from Zero Zero, CD-ROM by Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.


Really sad but really fascinating too. I have read her blog also, The Wit of the Staircase.

She so much reminds me of my friend P. (and so many brilliant female clients I have had over the last 10+ years with Bipolar Disorder)--that special girl who also will eat you up with that same brilliance. You want it so badly, but you also realize that being inside of it eats up whomever you are. Maybe I am overstepping here, but I can imagine that is how Jeremy Blake may have felt after she was gone--once you agree to be usurped by these people, even though the usurping is L-U-V, you give up yourself. To him, what else was he to do with her gone? Who really knows how much of himself was wrapped into her?

My biggest disgust in looking into the internets following this sad story are the multitudes of people enamored with Theresa and Jeremy (rather, their image) who seem desperate to believe in conspiracy theories over what seems more than apparent to me as a mental health therapist, as well as a fucking HUMAN, that these two were mentally ill and wrapped up resolutely in their illness, with only each other reinforcing their most desperate delusions. The ridiculous propensity of these message board/blogosphere twits wanting to want to believe that the CIA gives a shit about two gorgeous, creative, intelligent, but not-threatening-to- anyone-but-themselves young people, to the extent of ignoring what is obvious (Ah HEM. They were very paranoid and deluded)...well, it doesn't surprise me that the mental health system is forced socially to operate in a shadow world. It is just a much less glamourous and compelling shadow world than the CIA and Cointelpro for hipsters and glamour pusses to acknowledge.

Sorry T & J--you guys were sick and frightened and often, no one can help out with all that. R.I.P.

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